We can help.

We love to see a job well done, and we love even more to be the ones to help do a good job. We can help every step of the way or just as much as you would like.

Head gut and tail. 
$2.00 per fish

Filleting fish. 

$2.00 per fish.

Fresh fish vacuum packing with your help.

$5.00 per fish

This price is derived of  an average of the incoming weight. We needed to simplify our pricing  process. Instead of charging $2.00 per pound on incoming weight we now will charge $5 per fish to Vacuum pack your Fish. This includes cutting, filleting, and vacuum packing with some help from you. 

Hands off

$8.00 per fish

You sit back and relax. You caught-em let us clean-em for you. You do nothing. We will fully process your fish for you. 

I provide a cleaning station for Rock Skip Adventures customers to use at Haley's Creek.

To process your own fish on the river. You will need to bring. 

  • Ice
  • Coolers to transport your fish
  • Bags: if you like to place your fish in bags to keep them out of the cooler water as they are transported home
  • Your fillet knife & sharpening tool
  • Gloves to process 
  • I provide a cleaning station for Rock Skip Adventures customers to use at Haley's Creek.

Fish Processing

Fish Coolers:
For the purpose of transporting fish, we recommend using large white coolers. These coolers, when filled with 55 fish and ice, weigh approximately 250 pounds. Optimum results can be achieved by dividing the fish between two coolers. With 25 fish and ice, one cooler will weigh about 125 pounds.

Ice Usage:
Please bring as much ice as your coolers can accommodate. During the fishing trip, we will utilize a portion of the ice on board to maintain the freshness of the caught fish. Each fish caught will be promptly bled and placed in a 55-gallon trash can with ice. The fish will remain on ice until processing. Following processing, the fish will be transferred to your coolers with added ice to ensure their quality during transportation home.

Rock Skip Adventures

The key to good fish processing is "ICE."

The fish must be kept on ice every step of the way.